Adi Fišević

Adi Fišević

Dr. Adi Fišević, Consultant at Dr. Watson Studio 

Having spent six months as a student of the Faculty of Law, at the University of Sarajevo, I felt dissatisfied with the relationship of the student and professor, so I decided to leave the same. I happened to hear of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

In fact, I came to an interview with the rector of IUS, who fascinated me with his flexible approach, full of empathy and tolerance. After that, I decided to continue my studies at IUS, at the Faculty of Business and Administration. I successfully completed my undergraduate studies in 2011.

I was lucky to get a job immediately after graduation, but I am aware of the situations where there are a large number of young people, who despite their excellent results achieved during their studies, they were not able to find a job. I am currently working as a Consultant at Dr. Watson Studio 

I can say that my studies at IUS opened the front door to the business world to me. First of all, studying in English gives you many job opportunities in a variety of multinational corporations, as well as opportunities to continue your career in the world. In addition, cultural diversity, as well as the opportunity to share knowledge on an international level, which IUS offers, turned out to be such a big advantage when entering into a dialogue with international business partners.

Scholarship opportunities and practices abroad are also one of the advantages of IUS, for which I would definitely recommend IUS to all prospective students and young people who are looking for further training and the acquisition of new knowledge, as well as for those who are willing to see the world from an unconventional perspective.

Along with my first  job at the bank, I enrolled in doctoral studies at IUS. I completed my PhD study program in 2015. in Banking and Finance.

Recently I met with my former classmates from IUS, who were also students at doctoral studies, Ms. Aida Bulbul and Mr. Emil Knezović. We published a book entitled "Sustainability & Education: E-Learning Website", published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. I hope that this will be just the beginning of our research careers.