Aida Bulbul

Aida Bulbul

Aida Bulbul, Finance & Administrative Officer at Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative, former best student (class of 2010/2011) of the Faculty of Business and Administration 

After winning the first place at the entrance exam, I received a 100% scholarship at IUS. In addition to the English language, which prompted me to join IUS was the way of instruction, teachers` willingness to help and cooperate, and modern teaching methods. These are the main reasons why I would recommend IUS to everyone.

I personally was delighted at the willingness of professors and staff to cooperate at all times, even help to find an employer for mandatory student internship. Thanks to one of the professors, I had the opportunity to complete my internship in Istanbul, which was a very useful and positive experience for me.

IUS gave me the opportunity to improve my English in various fields, especially those that are directly related to my field of interest, the area of management and economics. Through exercises and assignments, students who complete their studies at IUS are competent in writing complex papers and presentations in the English language.

Currently, I am working on the project of the USAID, Partnership for Advanced Economic Reforms (PARE). To my great joy, I found a job relatively quickly. I am particularly pleased that it is a job that gives me a lot of experience and a great opportunity for learning and promotion.

Apart from the job, I started my doctoral studies at IUS in the Department of Economics and Management. Considering the fact that my current personal and business commitments are leaving me with plenty of time to study doctoral studies have come as a logical course to take and an extension of my current education. Looking at it, in a long term period, I plan to continue my career one day in the field of research and academia - doctoral studies are the basis for these.