Daniel Dizdarevic

Danijal Dizdarević

Danijal Dizdarević, a student at the Masters Program of Electrical Systems Engineering at the University of Paderborn in Paderborn (Germany)

I learned about IUS from a cousin who graduated from International Relations Program at IUS. I applied for general knowledge and mathematics tests and being the second best -placed candidate, I received a 100% scholarship, which I gladly accepted; otherwise, I would not have been able to financially cover the costs of this Program.

I started to study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at State University, where I finished one year and then decided to take the entrance exam at IUS. I transferred from University of Sarajevo to IUS because IUS is an international environment, programs are in English, which allows us to apply our knowledge in an international environment, use technical literature, and gives us the access to all professional books that I used in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program and Management/Leadership Studies, which are the same as in Western Europe Universities, which is not the case at other faculties and universities in B&H.

The structure of the studies, the curriculum, and the testing procedures are of great advantage for students, because through all quizzes, midterm exams, project assignments and final exams, the student is “compelled” to permanently follow the course material so the possibility of failing the course is minimal. The possibility of getting a scholarship at IUS is, of course, most appealing to all students given that there is no person today who doesn’t experience financial difficulties in one way or another.

I graduated in the summer of 2011 and decided to continue my studies abroad. I enrolled in the Masters Program of Electrical Systems Engineering at the University of Paderborn in Paderborn (Germany) where, in my free time I work as a student-assistant to Professor Denis Sievers on research in the electromagnetic field. I quickly got used to my new life in Germany, because I had lived in Germany with my family during the war in Bosnia.

IUS has been a stepping stone in my career, and I am particularly grateful to my cousin Arialda Dizdar for recommending it to me.



Electrical and Electronics Engineering