Emil Knezović

Emil Knezović

Emil Knezović, a student in a PhD program at IUS

About the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) I found out through a friend. Modern conditions for studying and teaching in English language were the main reasons for why this University was my choice.

I completed my undergraduate studies in 2011. After completing undergraduate studies in the Department of Economics and Management, I worked for one year in the department of finance and accounting at the BBI Real Estate while finishing my master degree at IUS. Then I enrolled in doctoral studies, which is currently my only focus.

Even as a student in the undergraduate program, I had a goal, and that is to one day work in an educational environment, so entering the doctoral study program was a logical sequence.

After spending six years in IUS environment, in which I have made many friends, I can say that I am very happy that I chose this university.

Studying according to Bologna process in English language and having academic staff accessible at any time, are the three most important advantages of the International University of Sarajevo for me. In addition, I would add a wealth of different cultures, the representation of practical work and, of course, modern equipment and excellent campus cafeteria. Students are given a plenty of things, not just in the educational process, but also in other fields of life as well.

I would recommend IUS to anyone who wants to study by modern standards, wants the best way to express their creativity, and have friends from all over the world.