Halit Revaha Zini

Halit Revaha Zini

Halit Revaha Zini, from Turkey, a student at the Masters Program Psychotherapy Sciences at Sigmund Freud University Vienna (Austria)

I found out about the International University of Sarajevo during my high-school graduation ceremony. A former rector of IUS, Prof. Dr. Erkan Türe delivered a speech on that occasion after which I got interested in the institution. Due to complications in Turkey’s higher education, I decided to go abroad and IUS was a perfect solution.

I graduated at IUS from the department of Psychology in December 2009. I had a 50% student scholarship at IUS which has made my studying much easier. At the moment I am undertaking master studies at Psychotherapy Sciences in Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. In the future, I plan to continue with my Ph.D. education as I see myself in the academic field of work rather than clinical.

After graduating in 2009 until enrolling in master studies in 2012, I was working voluntarily in a mental institution and offering consultation in high school to students with difficulties in school. The knowledge provided to me at IUS has given me a perfect background to be able to cope with the challenges I had during this period.

The time I spent at IUS has enriched me with many positive experiences. One of the main advantages of studying at IUS is definitely the fact that the official language of the university is English since English is the widest spread academic language. It has provided me a chance to develop my English language skills which have helped during my current studies. Additionally, from the Turkish point of view, IUS is a perfect choice for us because of the common history and cultural heritage, and I felt at home while studying in Bosnia. Another advantage is the fact that IUS is devoted to attracting the most successful high school students from all over Bosnia and further so I was able to meet many prosperous young people. Furthermore, studying at IUS allowed me to take part in many international conferences and even publish a paper with one of my professors on an international scale which I would hardly be able to achieve otherwise.

Studying at IUS has given me wonderful opportunities and brought me friends from many different countries including Bosnia, Denmark, USA, UK, and Hungary. This experience has prepared me for any future encounters with different cultures I am facing today.

I would definitely recommend IUS to future students as it was a wonderful experience for me. I believe IUS’s greatest strength is the free and international environment it offers. As long as these two get further enriched I believe IUS will thrive.