Jasmin Šutković

Jasmin Šutković

Jasmin Šutković, Senior Assistant at the Genetics and Bioengineering Program

I graduated in 2009 as a member of the first generation of graduates from the Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Program (current Genetics and Bioengineering Program) at IUS. I was an IUS scholarship student for five years, including one year of English Language School (ELS). Like the rest of my generation, the first year of my studies was spent actively learning English at ELS. The challenge was to learn and improve English as much as possible, which I did thanks to English language teachers who used the latest methodology and best books as is the case today as well.

I’ll always remember that first year because of my friends and colleagues with whom I shared a room at IUS. My fellow classmates came from Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Bosnia and Hungary and I truly lived in an international environment.

I was among the first graduates from Bosnia and Herzegovina to receive a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering. I expected to have difficulties in finding a job; however, after several interviews with potential employers it turned out that the knowledge I gained at IUS was fully compatible with the labor market. Although I had several job offers in B&H, I decided to accept the offer for the position of assistant at IUS. In March 2010 I started working as an assistant at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences in the Genetics and Bioengineering Program, and now I am a Senior Assistant and Vice Manager of Research Development Centre. 

As a former IUS student, I would like to mention a few of the advantages of studying at IUS. Considering that the official language of IUS is English and that all courses are taught in this language students have advantages while looking for a job because they have open doors not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but in the whole world. Of particular interest is the relationship between students and professors. Namely, during working hours professors are available to their students, which is not the case with the state faculties. In addition, students have access to their written tests and at the end of each semester, students evaluate their professors. Another advantage is that course books used at IUS are among the world’s best editions.

As for Genetics and Bioengineering Program at IUS, it is unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it provides students with a wide range of employment opportunities depending on their interests.

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