Mira Maisura

Mira Maisura

Mira Maisura, from Indonesia, a student at the Masters Program of Computer Science at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universitat Bonn (Germany)

After getting an offer to study at the International University of Sarajevo, I immediately accepted that wonderful opportunity. I graduated in 2009 in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. After graduating from IUS, I enrolled in master studies at Germany.

Fortunately, I had no difficulties in finding a job after graduating. Coming from IUS has helped me a lot, both in finding a job and enrolling in master studies as it opens many opportunities for working, studying and it provides students with an excellent background.

The main advantage of studying at IUS is the multicultural environment. I learnt a lot about different people and cultures. In addition, it was a great lecture on how to behave in such an environment, which has helped me later as well, considering that at the moment I am studying again outside of my country. In addition, an advantage is a fact that IUS in constantly investing in its education, professors, and students and is modernizing even further every year. It was a pleasure for me to study in such a dynamic environment which is constantly improving.

Even after finishing my studies at IUS I am following regularly what is happening at the university. I am especially glad to see so many conferences and seminars taking place and I wish I was there to attend them. Furthermore, I would be happy to come to alumni gathering if one was to take place, so I can reunite with all my former colleagues and professors.

I am excited to see that IUS is celebrating its 10 years anniversary and I am glad, I have been and stayed part of the IUS family. I would like to congratulate all the current students and employees of IUS on this wonderful occasion and to wish them many more wonderful years to come.



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