Sümeyye Tuncel

Sümeyye Tuncel

Sumeje Tundjel, graduate from the department of ‘Regenerative Biology and Medicine’ in Germany – from Turkey

After graduating from high school in Turkey, due to complications with the ban of studying with headscarf, I was not able to enroll in Turkish university. I soon started searching for alternatives outside of my country. When I heard about the International University of Sarajevo, I immediately knew it was a good opportunity for me. Two main reasons why I choose IUS is the English language which is the official language of the university and the chance to win a scholarship before and during the studies. 

I graduated in 2009 in the department of Genetics and Bioengineering at IUS. During my studies I was awarded with 100% scholarship. In addition, I completed my master study 3 months ago in the department of ‘Regenerative Biology and Medicine’ in Germany.

When it comes to the advantages of studying at IUS, English language is the first thing that comes to my mind as it helped me continue my studies in Germany. Even though I did not know German language, English was enough for me to be able to study and communicate with people, which I would not be able to do without the rich experience in I got at IUS. Also, I gained many great friends from different backgrounds. I was able to take courses from many wonderful professors who were proficient at their field and provided me with all the knowledge I needed to continue with my studies elsewhere. The staff of IUS was devoted to their lectures and profession, so the quality of the studies I got was achieved. In addition, everyone at IUS, including my colleagues were very helpful so I had no problems fitting into new environment and I still treasure the time I spent there.

I am very happy to see how IUS is developing and the department of Genetics and Bioengineering in specific. Students are now days provided with the most developed labs and opportunities to apply their knowledge practically which gives them great practice in finding and performing their job one day. I am grateful I was able to share my story of experience at IUS as I am grateful I have spent so many wonderful days at this institution.