Tarik Jašarević

Tarik Jašarević

Tarik Jašarević, a Graphic designer at one of the major TV networks in the Balkans, a former student of VACD Program

I decided to enroll in IUS because of the quality of programs and courses offered at the time I applied at University. I would recommend IUS to all my younger colleagues as an excellent and smart choice. I completed my studies in 2010 and I am currently working as a graphic designer at one of the major TV networks in the Balkans.

As someone who majored in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (VACD) I can say that the entire program is well thought out in order to help students find a good job after their studies. I found a job in my own profession relatively quickly and without difficulty and what is important is that it is a job that I like. In choosing the right career I received a lot of help from VACD professors who helped and directed me throughout my studies and were always available to answer questions and help me with any problem I encountered.

The advantages of studying at IUS are multiple. Besides the wide offer of study programs, qualified and motivated teachers from around the world, the possibility of the advancement of knowledge, inspiring, peaceful environment, outdoor activities, technical support and access to literature, what I especially like is the opportunity to interact and learn about different cultures through socializing and working with students. The environment I encountered at IUS was versatile. There were students from all over the world. Personally, I am very sociable and ambitious, so I had no problems adapting to the new environment. During my studies I became very good friends with some of the students and we stayed in touch although they returned to their own country.

I am very proud of my decision and the fact that I chose IUS as my guide through one of the very important phases of my life and I warmly recommend it to all our colleagues who want quality in higher education and the possibility of intellectual and creative development, which all lead to our future success.

Visual Arts & Comm. Designe